Parent Statement Form

To be completed by a parent or guardian
Name of applicant:
We are delighted to consider your daughter for Salem Academy and appreciate your support in the application process. We ask you fill out this form so that we may get to know your daughter better and so we may have a more complete picture of this student. Thank you so much for your cooperation.
Why is your daughter considering Salem Academy?
What do you see as your daughter's greatest strength and weakness?
Has school been a positive experience for your child up to this point? How would you assess her progress academically and personally?
In what type of learning environment do you think your child responds most favorably?
What do you feel is your role in your daughter's education?
What do you hope your daughter will experience at Salem Academy?
What expectations do you have for Salem Academy?
For boarding applicants only: After reading our materials and learning about Salem Academy, how do you think your child will adapt to the challenges of living away from home in a dormitory?
Thank you for your assistance. Please be assured that your comments will be given full consideration and will be treated confidentially.

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